Traditional Snacks

Traditional Snacks

Disappointed because your break room vending machines don’t meet your expectations? Then call in the Las Vegas vending services experts -- Machine Cuisine Vegas, LLC. We provide the vending products you want. Our huge selection of items guarantees that we have what you crave.  

Chips:  From spicy to sour, we have all flavors to make a unique selection for your employees and guests.

Candy:  We carry all the delicious treats that are sure to satisfy any employee or guest sweet tooth.

Cookies:  Enjoy varieties that range from chocolate chip to macadamia and everything in between.

Pastries:  Baked with the finest ingredients, we offer the best nationally known brands sure to please.
Our snack vending machines are not only state-of-the-art, but incorporate all the latest technology.  All equipment accepts credit/debit cards as well as mobile wallets including Google Wallet and Apple Pay. Built in product delivery system with infrared technology ensures that if the product selected does not drop and break the infrared beam, the users money is automatically refunded.